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National, regional and local campaigns in Germany, Austria, France and Italy

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Our One-Stop-Platform allows you to book campaigns on a national, regional and local level, with ZIP code accuracy. Even before booking, our media planning tool shows you how big the potential is in the desired area with an accuracy of 99.2%.

Highest visibility on desktop, mobile or multiscreen

Regardless of the device, we work exclusively with large formats and thus achieve maximum visibility and performance. You have the choice between pure desktop and mobile campaigns or a combination of both via multiscreen campaigns.

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Our exclusive network of premium publishers

Ausgewählte Vermarkter aus unserem Netzwerk

We work with publishers of the highest quality in all our markets, without exception, to place your campaigns in premium contexts. In Germany, these are Scout24, United Internet Media, Ströer, Funke Medien Gruppe, Pure Local Media, Quality Media Network, Burda Forward, BCN, RP-Online and Immowelt. In France, we work with Altice, GMC, Groupe Cerise and Lagardére, in Italy with Mediamond, and in Austria with the most important premium portals with the highest reach, measured independently by ÖWA.

The choice is yours: consistent delivery or “big bang”!

In a “run of network” booking, our algorithms optimize the delivery of your campaign within our network of premium publishers. As a matter of principle, we make sure that the distribution is as even as possible – however, slight shifts are possible in order to achieve particularly good performance values.
With the “Homepage Roadblock”, on the other hand, all attention belongs to you for one day. By simultaneously advertising on the websites with the highest reach in the selected country, you will gain the attention of a large proportion of domestic Internet users in the shortest possible time.

Factor Eleven Hompage Roadblock

Performance-driven – Privacy-focused


We respect the privacy of Internet users and deliberately work without extensive user data. We only use cookies where it is technologically necessary. In this way, we ensure that we work within the legal framework at all times and comply with the wishes of a large proportion of Internet users, for whom the protection of their own data is very important. We therefore only work with publishers who have requested the corresponding consent of the end users.

100% Brand Safety, 100% Transparent

By working with selected premium publishers and limiting ourselves to large formats, we can guarantee that your campaigns will only be displayed and seen in secure contexts. Since we have nothing to hide, our customers can use any standard tracking tool to measure performance. We also deliver comprehensive campaign reporting that far exceeds industry standards.

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With Factor Eleven you get more than what you pay for

Factor Eleven übertrifft Ihre Erwartungen

When you work with our One-Stop-Platform, you get more than what you pay for. Our One-Stop-Platform delivers such reliable results thanks to our network that we can provide extended guarantees. For example:

  • Cost-per-engagement billing + Guaranteed active time in the ad
  • Unique user CPM billing + guaranteed number of interactions 
  • CPM billing + Completed View Guarantee 
  • Visible CPM billing + guaranteed number of clicks

To learn more, use our product finder!

Christian Hackel
Christian Hackel

Senior General Manager

Mobile +49 176 800 666 96
Marc Hundacker
Marc Hundacker

Chief Revenue Officer

Mobile +49 162 206 5479
Janina Gerneth
Janina Gerneth

General Manager Reseller & Member of the Executive Board with power of attorney

Mobile +49 173 659 79 92
Jessica Stahl
Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

Mobile +49 172 587 85 97

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