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More visibility, reach and space for your content marketing

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Advertorial Ad - Kaufland - Multiscreen

More attention for your content – guaranteed!

We bring your content marketing prominently into the user’s field of vision. You only pay if your advertorial is read: After clicking on “Read more”, 2 pages read and at least 20 seconds of activity.

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Advertorial Ad - SebaMed

Plenty of space for plenty of content!

Whether it’s products in need of explanation, how-to articles, inspiration or background information on your market and company: as a thought leader, share your knowledge with interested readers. With the help of a table of contents, readers will always be able to find their way around even when dealing with more complex topics.

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Maximum flexibility!

Combine texts, images and videos as you are used to from editorial environments and link to your website, blog or social media channels.

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Advertorial Ad - Vodafone
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Advertorial Ad - Kaufland - Desktop
Advertorial Ad - Kaufland - Mobile

Why the Advertorial Ad is so unique

  • Plenty of space for plenty of content – the first banner ad designed specifically for content that requires explanation
  • Designed with a focus on readability and building trust
  • You only get charged for engaged readers: at least 2 pages read and at least 20 seconds active dwell time
  • Extend your content marketing and improve your SEO ranking with relevant traffic signals

The Advertorial Ad

  • Devices: Desktop | Mobile | Multiscreen
  • National, regional, and local distribution 
  • Media-objectives: Engagement | Net reach
  • Placement types: Run of Network | Homepage Roadblock
  • incl. active dwell time-guarantee free of charge
  • incl. free ad creation

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Christian Hackel
Christian Hackel

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Marc Hundacker

Chief Revenue Officer

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Janina Gerneth

General Manager Reseller & Member of the Executive Board with power of attorney

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Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

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