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Benefits for advertising companies

  • These are your customers’ favorites: Find out which offers/products really resonate with your customers
  • Real-time adjustment: Adapt or change offers/products in real-time without effort
  • What is the average order value: Discover the average order value of your customers
  • Online shop or store: Find out where your customers want to shop for their favorites
  • Store information at a glance: Name, address, and opening hours of the nearest store directly visible
  • When do my customers come: Learn when your customers plan to visit your store
  • The “Swipe-to-Store” key insight: Find out, without extrapolations, how many customers intend to visit your store

Benefits for users

  • Playfully easy operation: “like” or “dislike” your favorites and create your own brochure
  • What’s available: Find out which products are available in your store
  • Everything at a glance: Check your favorites in the individual product overview
  • Plan your shopping: Decide where and when you want to shop for your favorites
  • Perfectly prepared for shopping: Download your shopping list and bring it with you to your shopping trip
  • Share it with friends: Easily share your favorites via WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and more

Profile: Swipe-to-store

  • Devices: Desktop | Mobile | Multiscreen | DOOH
  • National, regional, and local targeting
  • Media Objectives: Net Reach | Engagement
  • Placement Types: Run of Network | Homepage Roadblock
  • Includes free ad creation

Christian Hackel
Christian Hackel

Senior General Manager

Mobile +49 176 800 666 96
Mail c.hackel@factor-eleven.de
Marc Hundacker
Marc Hundacker

Chief Revenue Officer

Mobile +49 162 206 5479
Mail m.hundacker@factor-eleven.de
Janina Gerneth
Janina Gerneth

General Manager Reseller & Member of the Executive Board with power of attorney

Mobile +49 173 659 79 92
Mail j.gerneth@factor-eleven.de
Jessica Stahl
Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

Mobile +49 172 587 85 97
Mail j.stahl@factor-eleven.de

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