Content Engagement Ad

Customized brand experiences for products and content

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Content Engagement Ad - Stokke - Multiscreen

Content, Content, Content

The CEA sets no limits to your creativity: Whether texts, images or videos – the CEA is as flexible as a microsite!

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Content Engagement Ad - Content Content Content

Drive to store

Your nearest store is always just a single click away: via geolocation, it appears automatically, including opening hours, contact details and route planner.

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Content Engagement Ad - Porta - Marktfinder

Pay only for genuine prospects

In the CEA, your target group conveniently scrolls through your content. In this way, the CEA avoids a break in usage, as it can happen with “click outs”.

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A picture says more than 1,000 words

For everything that goes beyond that, we offer information layers. Users can call up further information on your products and offers via mouse-over.

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More is more: thanks to menu & search

Lots of content? No problem for the CEA! Using the menu or the search function, users can go directly to the content that interests them most.

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Modular tile design

Each individual page of the CEA can be customized to meet your content requirements. For example, you can use a page as a full title image or divide it into up to six individual tiles.

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Content Engagement Ad - BioMarkt - flexibles Grid

Each ad is unique

Despite the high level of standardization, your CEA will always look like you. Logo, social media links, colors, shapes – everything can be customized to your specifications in no time.

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Content Engagement Ad - Jede Ad ein Unikat
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Content Engagement Ad - Stokke - Desktop
Content Engagement Ad - Stokke - Desktop

Why the Content Engagement Ad is so unique

  • Like a microsite in a banner
  • Incl. store finder with geolocation and route planner
  • Very high engagement rates and active dwell time
  • Ad creation in under an hour thanks to our Ad Creator
  • You only pay for engagements and get a free branding effect

Profile: The Content Engagement Ad

  • Devices: Desktop | Mobile | Multiscreen
  • National, regional, and local distribution 
  • Media-objectives: Net reach | Engagement
  • Placement types: Run of Network | Homepage Roadblock
  • incl. active dwell time-guarantee free of charge
  • incl. engagement per user-guarantee free of charge
  • incl. free ad creation

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Christian Hackel
Christian Hackel

Senior General Manager

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Marc Hundacker

Chief Revenue Officer

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Janina Gerneth
Janina Gerneth

General Manager Reseller & Member of the Executive Board with power of attorney

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Jessica Stahl
Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

Mobile +49 172 587 85 97

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