Our offer to publishers: Simply more revenue!

Sell your inventory through our One-Stop-Platform at attractive fixed prices and benefit from our powerful ad products.

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High CPMs and scalable revenue through our One-Stop-Platform

Hohe TKP und wachsende Werbeeinnahmen

As a publisher you can easily connect your mobile and desktop inventory to our One-Stop-Platform to deliver high impact formats to your users. FACTOR ELEVEN buys your inventory in a plannable manner at attractive fixed prices and resells it only bundled and on performance-based billing via our proprietary platform. We guarantee that no individual pages or publishers can be booked based on “performance billing”. Our systems always use multiple marketers and formats in each campaign. Complex algorithms control the campaigns’ goal achievement, ensuring the most balanced distribution possible.

Easily boost revenue thanks to quality ads of trusted brands and our campaign-bundling technology

Our One-Stop-Platform connects your inventory with high-quality campaigns from respected national and international brands, as well as small and medium-sized regional companies. Factor Eleven’s non-intrusive, interactive ad products provide a strong user experience for your website visitors and, thanks to their high visibility, strong brand recognition and memorability for advertisers.

Numerous campaigns are bundled into a single easy-to-implement line item, making even small budgets accessible to you in large volumes without additional effort.

Starke Marken arbeiten mit FACTOR ELEVEN

Increase advertising revenue without sacrificing your user’s privacy or brand-safety


We respect the privacy of Internet users and consciously work without extensive user data. We only use cookies where it is technologically necessary. In this way, we ensure that we work within the legal framework at all times and comply with the wishes of a large proportion of Internet users, for whom the protection of their own data is very important. We therefore only work with publishers who have requested the appropriate consent from end users. In addition, all network partners must meet the highest brand safety standards and offer a premium advertising experience.


Tap into the power of our One-Stop-Platform via managed or self-service

Achieve outstanding results for your direct advertisers by relying on our platform for campaign planning, ad creation, ad operations and reporting. If you don’t have the inhouse resources to use our self-service interface, our managed services team will gladly help you. However you choose, at the end of the month we will provide you with flawless reporting including all relevant data, ensuring full transparency and mutual trust.

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Dennis Walter - Pure Local Media

Factor Eleven’s innovative products and technically integrated solutions allow us to significantly improve our inventory fill rate through newly acquired customer segments and enables us to deliver campaigns to users based on their exact locations, with minimum efforts. Lengthy planning cycles and complex volume control at zip code level are now a thing of the past. In addition, the live reports ensure efficient cost control and maximum transparency – which naturally strengthens customer confidence and positions us very well in the market, especially in relation to Google.

Dennis Walter
Founder & CEO Pure Local Media


Pure Local Media
United Internet Media
RP Online
QMN - Quality Media Networks
FUNKE Medien Gruppe
Lagardere Group
Group Cerise
Jessica Stahl
Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

Mobile +49 172 587 85 97
Mail j.stahl@factor-eleven.de

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