Standard Display Ad

The alternative to the Google Display Network (GDN)

Standard Display Ad - Formate

Let your advertising make an impact!

By using large format ads, such as the Sitebar and the Mobile Halfpage Ad, you get the maximum visibility for your advertising message. Unlike with the Google Display Network, your ad is guaranteed to be seen via our formats!

Standard Display Ad - Multiscreen

You want more website visitors? You’ ll get them!

Our Standard Display Ad offers the unbeatable combination of large-scale advertising formats and click-based billing. This gives you high visibility, but you only pay when a user clicks on your banner.

klick-basierter Abrechnung

Your advertising material. Completely customized.

We will gladly handle the production of your banner. Simply send us existing materials or we will work purely on the basis of your website and produce suitable advertising material for you within a very short time.

Ad Creation

ZIP-code-specific distribution – without any extra work.

As with all our products, we also offer the distribution of the Standard Display Ad nationally, regionally, as well as locally. All we need is a list of all the zip codes in which your advertising is to be displayed.

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Standard Display Ad - Desktop
Standard Display Ad - Mobile

Highlights of the Standard Display Ad:

  • Large formats for significantly higher visibility than in the Google Display Network.
  • You pay only for clicks and get a free branding effect
  • Completely individual production of your advertising material  

Profile: Standard Display Ad

  • Devices: Desktop | Mobile | Multiscreen
  • National, regional, and local distribution 
  • Media-objectives: Visibility | Net reach | Traffic
  • Placement types: Run of Network | Homepage Roadblock
  • incl. free visibility duration guarantee
  • incl. guaranteed CTR for free

PDF FEHLT Download specifications

Christian Hackel
Christian Hackel

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Marc Hundacker

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Janina Gerneth

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Jessica Stahl

General Manager Ad Tech & Campaign Management

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